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The Exorcist (Trailer)
Published on February 12, 2015
A successful actress's world is turned upside down when she suspects that her 12-year-old daughter has been possessed by a demon. To help the child, she enlists the assistance of two priests who set out to battle the unseen evil. Will they succeed? Inspired by a real-life case, this movie spawned two sequels, a prequel and earned ten academy awards.
Product Featured: The Exorcist (1973)
Form: Film
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
UPC/ISBN: Various
Release Date: June 19, 1973
Prod./Pub./Dist.: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Key Creator(s): Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow, William Friedkin, William Peter Blatty, Noah Blough
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