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Do you have criteria regarding the prices you list on Shelve?
Yes. For a price to appear on this site, it must satisfy certain prerequisites that are based on the size, age and reputation of the seller. A seller, in this sense, means a store or marketplace from which a consumer can purchase the product. Let's say a price's seller (or marketplace) is eBay. Because the website allows inexperienced users to sell unlisted items, the price in question must come from a user (or seller) with at least 90% positive feedback, a score of at least 60 and whose account is at least a year old. The product to which the price is associated must be in VERY GOOD or BETTER condition and, if up for auction, have at least three bids. Amazon--a store that also permits reselling but whose merchandise is limited to pre-listed products--is subject to less stringent treatment. Prices from less-trafficked sellers, such as Barnes & Noble, may have other prerequisites, such as specific star ratings or more-experienced users. We set these standards to help our users find quality products with plenty of resell value.