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What does a colored flashing border around price data mean?
Colored flashing borders denote significant changes in price and product availability. A flashing green border means that the lowest price within the animation is at least $50 more than the product's MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). A (flashing) amber border means that the price (within) is at least $25 more than any mass-merchandiser's price. Green and amber borders only appear around sellers who RESELL merchandise, such as Amazon, eBay and Barnes & Noble. A blue border means that the seller is the only one on our site offering the product, which could suggest that it's a collector's item. These animated borders may appear on the Product Details page or Other Prices & Sellers window. In search results, these changes are denoted with gradually colored cells. For instance, if Amazon's selling a "Simpsons" DVD--whose MSRP is $29.99--for $95.49, you'll see a green flashing border around its price data on the product's details page and a green-to-transparent gradient on the DVD's search result.